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hello kitty necklace i am making

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i know i haven’t been around in awhile but i will come back soon, i miss you tumblr

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some art i had lying around my desktop, none of it is mine, but it is all lowbrow deliciousness and i can add the artists on a much more productive day

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hello Alice

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Follow Prince on his new instagram account here

princtigram is something i could definitely dig

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Them feels #moreeyelinerplease

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Name: Psycho Camo
Platform: Big Boner
Artist: Ron English
Manufacturer: Blackbook Toy
Material: Sofubi

what is this, i love him

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just u try to fucking stop me

pantttttttttttttty and stockinggggggggggggg badassafied

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fucking radical

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trying to make myself stay awake this morning, apparently making an ugly gif did the trick, hail tha boog

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selfies and now sleep

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